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  • 产品名称: 24v wheelchair joystick controller GPS/Retal Calling/SOS
  • No.: YLDJKZQ
  • Shelf time: 2017-02-09
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24v 250w brushless power wheelchair joystick controller

Core Data:

Voltage            24V
Under-voltage         21V±0.5
Power            250W
No-load current       1.5A
Current limited       (17A±1)*2
Brake type           Electromagnetic brake
Control voltage       0.5-4.5v  (joystick)
Speed limited        <6km/h
Operating temperature    -30-80℃
Weight           1041g (control box)

Size (joystick handle)         140mm*84mm*73mm
Size (control box)           176mm*135mm*47mm   
Length of battery wires          40cm
Length of joystick handle wires     120cm

Further Specification:

GPS positioning                      
Real-time call                    
SOS emergency help
Configure APP            
EMC anti - interference          
Panel parameter setting
Runaway protection              
Over current protection
Over voltage protection         
Under voltage protection       
Short circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Locked rotor protection for motor

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