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  • 产品名称: Joystick controller for wheelchair
  • No.: CP004
  • Shelf time: 2017-03-21
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24v 250w brushless power wheelchair joystick controller

Input Voltage(V)        DC24V  
Output Power            250W
Output Limited Current (17A±1)*2
Undervoltage            21V±0.5
Brake style             Electromagnetic brake
PWM                     20kHz
Size                    Controller:176mm*135mm*47mm   
                        Joystick:  165mm*70mm*110mm
Length for power wires   40cm  
Length for handle wires  120cm
N.W.                     1.6kg

Advantage for joystick controller for power wheelchair

1) Joystick controller has advanced PID algorithm
2) Soft start, soft stop and intelligent brake by joystick controller
3) Emergency power protection for your power wheelchair
4) Automatic load compensation for your power wheelchair
5) Protection function of over-current, over-voltage, overload, under-voltage..etc..
6) Closed loop speed controller design
7) High-definition LED screen displays
8) Programmed parameters
9) Joystick controlled the electric wheelchair by Hall
10) Self-diagnostic function with the joystick controller
11) Common to the industry-standard interface mode
12) Flexible cable for easy alignment

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